Long Term Storage Costs

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For almost many instances in our lives we do desire to own or possess material wealth. As the years unfold, the accumulation of such items from smaller to bigger ones, somehow becomes a challenge for homeowners with respect to where it should be kept or stored safely. Most of the time, if not always, people would spend money in order to experience the comfort and make a lot of purchases, not only for self-gratification but also in making the members of the family happy and contented with their lives.


In getting the services of long term storage, there are a lot of factors that will certainly determine the price or cost for you to avail of specific or particular terms in keeping or storing your most prized possessions. To give you a hint or a guide for this particular type of service, consider the following:


The type of storage facility


Storage facilities could range from a budget or ordinary storage to a special or more expensive safekeeping facility. Depending on what kind of items you would want to be stored, you will always have the best option in your hands. For items that are not so delicate, a cheaper storage service would do, but for those that are very sensitive and needs extra care, expect that cost will be as high as a thousand dollars ($1000).

The size does matter


You wouldn’t risk storing an expensive sofa along with your sentimentally-valued dining table and chairs in just a five by five dimension storage facility, do you? The space wouldn’t be enough to accommodate everything, and there is a tendency that in cases of human error and changes in weather patterns or conditions, your property might end up in the ditch somewhere else outside the city. To help you not to commit mistakes in going for this decision, please do have a check on the following average national rates.


  • Five by five-foot unit is between forty to fifty dollars a month
  • Ten by fifteen-foot units are pegged at seventy-five to a hundred fifty dollars monthly
  • A hundred fifteen to a hundred sixty dollars on a monthly basis for facilities with climate control features and capabilities
  • From ninety-five to a hundred fifty dollars for storage of ten by twenty-foot capacity
  • A hundred seventy to a hundred and eighty dollars for you to avail of a ten by twenty foot climate-controlled long term storage units
  • From two hundred twenty-five to as high as three hundred dollars a month for a twenty by twenty storage service facility


Considering that in a person’s lifetime, he or she was able to accumulate material wealth for a period of, let’s say, thirty years, there will certainly be a lot, if not a huge pile of items to be stored. Looking at the rates previously listed above, an average family of six to eight members could pay around a million dollars just to take good care of their most prized possessions.


What are long term storage costs in Melbourne? Well, here’s the thing. The cheapest and or affordable long term storage facility could cost an individual around twenty-five dollars on a weekly basis. Meaning, the duration of safekeeping your mug or cap collections will just be good for a week or two.